If you’ve browsed our site you might have noticed Island Map Publishing makes not only color maps but also “antique” versions of those same maps. To do this we use subtle colors chosen from a lovely, original, map from the 1600s I have.

Eleuthera Map in Color

“Antique” Version of Eleuthera Map

We change the map to suit the antique look and add mermaids, fish and sea monsters from maps as far back as the 1500s. We love how the mix of colors and ancient sea creatures add a sophisticated yet artistic feel to the maps, sometimes better suited to living rooms and other spaces where brightly colored maps might clash.

Many of our maps have already been made into their “antique” version, but any which have not can be done in a reasonable amount of time by special order.

Visit our products page or call the office today at 239-963-3497 to learn more about placing a special order. Enjoy our maps, in any color!


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