Specially coated canvas that produces exceptional sharpness, with a linen structure ideal for fine art reproductions.  After printing, each map is hand-painted with a flexible semi-gloss coating that protects against smudging, minor wear and UV rays.

Canvas prints are best when custom framed, mounted or gallery wrapped, and recommended for display in homes, offices, clubhouses or marinas.  For the best results, we recommend framing canvas maps without glass (just like an oil painting).

Vibrant, heavy weight poster paper that creates realistic tones.  The silky gloss finish will minimize glare and fingerprints.  Printed with UV resistant ink that maintains exceptional image quality and prevents color fading.

Poster prints are excellent for high-traffic areas, as they are durable and suited for use in classrooms, public meeting locations, children’s rooms, hallways, and other busy settings.


Fine Art Canvas:  Image size is 20” x 32” and has a 2” wide white canvas border along the outside edge.  The white canvas border can be trimmed off or used for wrapping maps when professionally framing or included as part of the image so you can fit the map into a standard store-bought 24” x 36” frame.

Gloss Poster:  Size is 18” x 24” with a thin white edge around the outside of the image.  It will fit in standard store-bought poster frames.


XL Maps (Bahamas and Caribbean):
Image size is 32″ x 42″ and has a 2″ wide canvas border along the outside edges for framing purposes.  Overall size including border is 36″ x 46″.

Square Maps (Tampa, Everglades & New Zealand):
Canvas prints only:
32″ x 32″ image size, plus a 2” wide white canvas border along the outside edge for framing purposes.  Overall size with border is 36″ x 36″.

Extra Long Map (Okeechobee):
24” x 48” unique size due to format of image, only available in this map.

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