The Abaco Islands form the northern edge of the Bahamas, east of Palm Beach. They rest along the edge of the Little Bahama Bank some 800 miles south of Bermuda, across the open Atlantic Ocean.
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Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas at 2,300 square miles, stretching for some 100 miles from north to south. The west side is perhaps the most remote area in the Bahamas with mangrove creeks and shallow waters, well stocked with bonefish and other wonders. The east side lies along the Tongue of the Ocean with the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world, an international attraction for sport divers and fisherman. The Tongue of the Ocean has depths well over one mile (over 6,000 feet). Its waters are home to AUTEC, the Atlantic Undersea Testing and Evaluation Center, where American and allied submarines and naval ships are tested in cooperation with the Bahamas Government.

Andros is also famous for its blue holes, and much of the area is protected by National Parks. The island is cut into several sections by large creeks or “bights” that run all the way through the island from east to west. These waterways divide the island into distinct areas, North and South Bight separating north Andros and south Andros respectively and Middle Bight running between Mangrove Cay and Big Wood Cay in central Andros.

Specially coated canvas that produces excellent sharpness, with a linen structure ideal for fine art reproductions. After printing, each map is hand-painted with a flexible semi-gloss coating that protects against smudging, minor wear and UV rays.

“Fine Art Canvas” image size is 20” x 32” and has a 2” white canvas border for framing or wrapping purposes. The overall size including white border is 24” x 36” and will fit into standard frames, or can be custom framed.

Canvas prints are recommended for display in homes, offices, clubhouses or marinas.

Vibrant, heavy-duty satin poster paper that creates realistic tones. The silky finish will minimize glare and fingerprints. Printed with UV resistant ink that maintains exceptional image quality and prevents color fading.
“Satin Poster” size is 18” x 24” with a very thin white edge around the outside of the image. It will fit in most standard poster frames.
Gloss Poster prints are excellent for high-traffic areas, as they are durable and suited for use in classrooms, public meeting locations, children’s rooms, hallways, and other busy settings.

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All of our Bahamian maps were designed or edited by a local resident of the island or someone who has intimate knowledge of the area.

Please note our maps are for decorative purposes only. While accurate and detailed with marine information, these maps are not to be used for navigation.

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18"x24" Gloss Poster, 24"x36" Fine Art Canvas

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