Antique reproduction - 1740 Popple Map
Antique reproduction - 1740 Popple $120.00
British Virgin Islands Map
British Virgin Islands $40.00$120.00


This 1745 antique map shows what were considered strategic harbours of the New World in the mid-1700s.

These map reproductions are printed on a specially coated canvas that produces exceptional definition, with a high quality linen structure ideal for fine artwork. After printing, each map is hand-painted with a flexible semi-gloss coating that protects against smudging, minor wear and UV rays.
Printed size varies for each antique map. Most are approximately 22” x 20” and have a white canvas border for framing purposes. Some of the antique maps also have small natural border that originates from the actual map image. If you need exact size measurements for a particular map, please contact us prior to ordering.

PLEASE NOTE: The “antique map prints” sold on our website are reproduction copies of the original maps.


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