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Antique reproduction - 1579 Ortelius Map
Antique reproduction - 1579 Ortelius $120.00


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The most easterly island in the Bahamas, Mayaguana rests over 350 miles southeast of Nassau and over 500 miles off the coast of Florida. This illustrates how vast the Bahamas really is with Great Inagua even further away to the south. The island nation of the Turks and Caicos is 40 miles southeast and Acklins Island about the same distance to the west. While the island is very remote and has only a small population, it is large (24 miles long and 4 miles wide) and sits between two major international shipping channels, the Mayaguana and Caicos Passages. This location may lead to opportunities in the future for yachting and shipping facilities.

Mayaguana has a runway that was originally built for a U.S. Air Force missile tracking station, which has closed down. The population has struggled since then to create the jobs needed to keep young people on the island. That being said, the people of Mayaguana are very friendly in nature and appreciative of the tourists that visit. The coasts are dotted with lovely, pristine beaches and coves to explore and the eastern end of the island has a population of pink flamingos and native iguanas. The towns of Pirates Well, Betsy Bay and Abrahams Bay provide opportunities for lodging, dining, sightseeing and guide services. Fishing offshore is excellent and unique bone fishing opportunities exist where virtually no one goes.

Map of the Florida Keys. From Key Largo to Key West, this detailed map features aquatic preserves, marinas, lighthouses, coral reefs, shipwrecks, dive sites and much more. A great gift for anyone who enjoys boating and vacationing in the beautiful Florida Keys.

Specially coated canvas that produces excellent sharpness, with a linen structure ideal for fine art reproductions. After printing, each map is hand-painted with a flexible semi-gloss coating that protects against smudging, minor wear and UV rays.

“Fine Art Canvas” image size is 20” x 32” and has a 2” white canvas border for framing or wrapping purposes. The overall size including white border is 24” x 36” and will fit into standard frames, or can be custom framed.

Canvas prints are recommended for display in homes, offices, clubhouses or marinas.

Vibrant, heavy-duty satin poster paper that creates realistic tones. The silky finish will minimize glare and fingerprints. Printed with UV resistant ink that maintains exceptional image quality and prevents color fading.
“Satin Poster” size is 18” x 24” with a very thin white edge around the outside of the image. It will fit in most standard poster frames.
Gloss Poster prints are excellent for high-traffic areas, as they are durable and suited for use in classrooms, public meeting locations, children’s rooms, hallways, and other busy settings.

Contact us for other product options, including mounted or framed maps, postcards, placemats, vendor opportunities and more!
Please note our maps are for decorative purposes only. While accurate and detailed with marine information, these maps are not to be used for navigation.

Map Finish

18"x24" Gloss Poster, 24"x36" Fine Art Canvas

Map Color

Blue Tones, Earth Tones


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