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Refugees in the Florida Keys

Refugees have been coming to the Keys since the few remaining Florida Indians fled there as American settlers poured into the mainland from the north.

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More on Key West History

Every since I was a kid I can remember going to Key West and seeing forts, lighthouses, old sailboats and turtle crawls. I especially liked

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Florida Keys Oversea Railway

The Florida Keys Oversea Railway was the most ambitious engineering and construction project in the U.S. during the first decade of the 1900s. It’s also

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Mapping the Gulfstream

The Florida Keys are defined by one of the world’s great currents, the mighty Gulfstream. It carries warm water from the Gulf of Mexico east

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Mapping the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys: A History Through Maps tells the story of the Key’s past using different exhibits to enhance your reading. Maps are used extensively

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