A press conference was held at the Epic Hotel on Friday, March 13th releasing the new book The Florida Keys – A History Through Maps.


Information was also released that will change history forever. As the featured images show, Florida was well mapped prior to 1513 when Ponce de Leon was said to have discovered Florida. Additional maps in the new Keys book back up this statement with copies of maps prior to 1513, which can be found in museums in Spain, Italy and at the Library of Congress in Washington DC.


Additional archaeological evidence presented by former Dade County archaeologist Bob Carr also points to the fact that other Europeans certainly pre-dated De Leon in Florida.


Ponce de Leon named ” la Florida” in 1513 but he came in the wake of many other New World explorers; likely including other Spaniards, English, Portuguese and Italians.


We now know that what has been taught for centuries in countless books is false, de Leon is responsible for naming Florida but is certainly not responsible for discovering it.


For more information about the book, check out this website.

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