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Cape Cod: Making the Map

Years ago I put an ad out for a partnership interest in my plane, a high performance Cessna 210 (6 passenger, 200 mph, retractable gear). I’d had partners the entire time I’d owned it, over 30 years, but they had faded away due to age or other reasons. Planes are expensive to maintain in a meticulous manner, which I insist on after being a college flight instructor.

A nice guy answered my ad. He was from Boston, had a solid flying record, and wanted a 210 for his winter home in Naples. I fly to the Bahamas frequently, a dream of his, so we became friends and started to meet. The sign at my office across from the airport has the name of our marine & environmental services firm and also “Island Map Publishing” which produces wall maps of islands like the Bahamas! We also make maps of the American coast with editions from Maine to Texas including the Great Lakes and custom maps like New Zealand.

The partnership never came to be since he wanted a plane up on Cape Cod in the summer, but we remained friendly and he offered to edit our new Cape Cod map. We always involve a local in the maps we design since you really need someone who lives there to get the names and geographical features right. It’s not as easy as it sounds and why I always visit the area where a map is being made. The guy from Boston had grown up in Cape Cod with years of boating around Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Buzzards Bay. He did a meticulous job on the Cape Cod map and we’re proud to feature it at the upcoming Annapolis Boat Show, come see us at the Island Map Store booth if you go to the show!

Not planning on attending the show? Check out website or call today (239-963-3497) to learn more!

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