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Chesapeake Bay Map

I often give talks on history using antique maps as props. The maps are usually from my collection or from friends who are true map experts. We love the incredible stories ancient maps tell us and they’ve been used to help write “coffee-table” books on Naples (my home), the Bahamas (our boat’s home) and the Florida Keys.

Our little company “Island Map Publishing” has produced antique style, waterfront maps from Maine to Texas including all of the Caribbean. We’ve finished the Great Lakes and New Zealand and are now completing California to Washington state, destined to finish the entire continental U.S. coastline in the future.

By “antique style” I mean maps which resemble old fashion wall editions (from the 1500s thru 1800s) which were displayed at European and American institutions and on private estates. They were used to discuss the exploration and colonization of the Americas.

Our map of Chesapeake Bay is such piece. I personally go to places we map so names and geographical features are displayed to the satisfaction of people who live there. My time in the Chesapeake was spent with sailors and yacht captains, an oyster restoration NGO and others. We’re very happy how it turned out and proud to have it displayed in our booth at the upcoming Annapolis Boat Show this October. Please come visit us if you go! Our books and other maps will also be shown.

Artistic maps that invoke your favorite memories.

Whether it’s an 18″ x 24″ glossy poster or a 32″ x 42″ extra large fine art canvas, our maps are conversation starters and the perfect launching pad for your best stories.

History told beautifully through maps, photos and more.

Stories from various regions and complimentary maps and photos, our books are a staple for any map collector and world traveler’s coffee table.

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