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Making of the Maine Map

With every map we make at Island Map Publishing, I physically go to the area being drawn to meet with locals introduced through a network of yacht captains I know. They usually enjoy reviewing our map drafts and I always deliver a nice canvas copy to them when the project is complete. Experienced boaters familiar with local waters can point out things that will enhance a map and often catch errors or omissions. Marina managers will help as do locals around the docks who like to comment. You always want the map to pass local muster, which isn’t as easy. We also have a marina client in Naples who’s family is from Maine where they still maintain a summer home on Penobscot Bay.

When we started our two maps of Maine, I knew I’d have spend a week or two there to have a clue since my last trip was on a bike ride around Bar Harbor as a teenager. One of our maps covers the whole state of Maine and the other enlarges Penobscot Bay.

My trip started in Boston with a first night in Portland, Maine where I visited a new marina on the harbor and ate some fabulous seafood. After meeting with a captain there, I drove up the coast in a bee-line for the Canadian border so I could work my way back south. Driving around the countryside of Maine is a blast and the little towns around hundreds of bays and islands are wonderful. The weather was lovely compared to Florida in late summer I could have stayed until Christmas (guys at a craft brewery in Bath insisted they would come to Naples for Christmas and use my boat if I would please stay there).

Our maps of Maine came out great and if you happen to be at the Annapolis Boat show in October, they’ll be on display in Amanda’s popular Island Map booth. Come see us!

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