Florida Keys Map

In 2005 I started a company that makes maps of the Bahamas, Caribbean and Florida and in 2010 we finished a map of the Florida Keys.

We’ve sold and donated many Florida Keys maps over the years and now produce it in both bright colors and antique earth tones taken from an original map I own from 1695.

Like my antique map collection, we produce maps that are made to display on your wall. Before the digital age, printed maps were more common and for centuries beautiful wall maps were a sign of wealth and knowledge. We have recreated that art.

There’s been renewed interest in the Florida Keys map since in March 2020 when our company (Island Map Publishing) released a new book “The Florida Keys, A History Through Maps”. The book displays the Keys map in various ways, like to show the location of ship wrecks. We also created 10 enlarged area maps of the Keys from North Key Largo to Key West and the Dry Tortugas.

Both our maps of the Keys and our book are works I’m proud of. They both will be passed down through time as a way to convey information and history in an interesting way.


For more information on the Florida Keys map and options click here or call 239-963-3497! Our books are available at islandmapstore.com as well as well as Amazon. Be sure to also follow our Instagram for updates on our blog, press and upcoming events!

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